9 delivery apps that bring your favorite restaurants to you

When it's spitting ice outside or you just don't want to talk to another human being, these apps let your order your favorite warm (or cold) dishes at the tap of a button. You just have to get to the door and tip the driver, but don't worry – you can take the blanket with you. 

1. DoorDash
Average Delivery Fee: $4
Pros: This app boasts an impressive number of St. Louis options, a great friend referral credit option, and many filters to narrow your search.
Cons: It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options on the app's rather cluttered landing page.
Find it: doordash.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

2. EatStreet
Average Delivery Fee: $2.50
Pros: Low delivery fees make the service easy on your wallet.
Cons: There are only a handful of options on this app so far, and depending on your location, they may only be available for carryout. Also, wait times average more than an hour.
Find it: eatstreet.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

3. Food Pedaler
Average Delivery Fee: $4
Pros: The website is clean and simple, and the service is perfect for environmentally conscious food lovers, as employees deliver on bikes.
Cons: There’s currently no app available, and the website has a rather limited selection of restaurants depending on your location.
Find it: foodpedaler.com

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4. Grubhub
Average Delivery Fee: $4
Pros: This service also boasts a large number of restaurants for any given location, and the app lets users filter by cuisine, rating and price.
Cons: Some restaurants have delivery fees up to $7, and nearly all have a minimum order price.
Find it: grubhub.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

5. Postmates
Average Delivery Fee: $5 (or a $10 monthly subscription fee), plus service fees and/or peak delivery time surcharge
Pros: The app is sleek, intuitive and offers high-end restaurants like Vicia, Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. and Polite Society. It has a unique friend referral program: your friend gets $100 delivery credit, and you get a $10 kickback.
Cons: This app tacks on a lot of fees, sometimes adding more than $10 to your final bill.
Find it: postmates.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

6. SkipTheDishes
Average Delivery Fee: $4
Pros: With low fees and a clean, intuitive interface, this app is simple and convenient. Many restaurants like Mai Lee or Taste of Lebanon offer free delivery for orders that cost more than $25.
Cons: There are fewer filter options than other options on this list.
Find it: skipthedishes.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

7. UberEats
Delivery Fee: $6
Pros: The app homepage displays a convenient “Under 30 Minutes" section for when you just can’t wait, and the service offers a broad variety of restaurants and cuisines, as well as a nice referral discount (for you and your friend).
Cons: The $6 flat delivery fee is on the higher end, and that can make that gyro much pricier than intended.
Find it: ubereats.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

8. Seamless
Average Delivery Fee: $4
Pros: The website and app have extensive filtering systems to prioritize low costs, quick delivery or high rating; other sorting options include restaurants with available coupons or online order tracking.
Cons: With delivery times frequently estimated at 45 minutes to an hour, this isn’t the speedy option when you need those burger and fries now.
Find it: seamless.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

If you still can’t decide which service to use, or you’re overwhelmed by the amount of choices out there, this last app is for you:

9. Bootler
This app displays restaurants in your delivery radius, finds the best delivery app service for you by time and fee, and then links you directly to its ordering page. It’s perfect for bargain hunters and indecisive shoppers.
Find it: gobootler.com, iTunes App Store, Google Play Store

Andie Divelbiss is an editorial intern at Sauce Magazine.