Jordanian food truck Zacchi will open in St. Louis

A new food truck, Zacchi, will feature traditional Middle Eastern food when it starts rolling in early March.

Co-owner Murad Yacoub has always had a passion for cooking and wanted to bring food experiences from his home country of Jordan to St. Louis. Along with his wife, Kelly Yacoub, Yacoub decided opening a food truck would be the easier, more accessible way to go.

“I am self-taught,” Yacoub said. “I grew up watching my mom and grandpa cook, and I just love to play with recipes. I always believe that if you have a passion for cooking, it’s the main ingredient.”

Zacchi will serve house-made falafel, hummus, baklava, shawarma and kebabs. Yacoub said he even purchased a falafel machine manufactured in Jordan so he could serve authentic falafel to his customers.

While customers can visit the truck and place lunch or dinner orders, the truck will also offer catering. The truck will post its locations in St. Louis and surrounding cities on social media. Yacoub plans for the truck to be open five days a week.

Yacoub said generosity is at the forefront of his business model. “My passion is to show how generous Jordanian food is with giving and hospitality,” he said. “Food always brings people together. I grew up watching my parents take care of people, and I want to transform that into food.”

Erin Killion is an editorial intern at Sauce Magazine.