the annex coffee and foods photo by lauren healey

First Look: The Annex Coffee and Foods in Webster Groves

The husband-and-wife duo behind Webster Groves mainstays the Frisco Barroom and Civil Alchemy are at it again. Co-owners John and Kelley Barr debuted The Annex Coffee and Foods in early October at 8122 Big Bend Blvd., directly next door to the Frisco Barroom and just a few doors down from Civil Alchemy, which they call a “modern day general store.” The Annex is meant to bridge the gap – both literally and figuratively – between the other two concepts, allowing them to expand their offerings.

“When the property became available, we started thinking about what would work well in that space, and we thought a market and coffee shop inspired by some of our favorite bodegas around the world would be the perfect fit,” John Barr said. “We had the space before the pandemic, but we were too busy to try to do something on this scale, but Covid pushed us over the edge. Our kitchen at Frisco now had the time to do something like this.”

The Annex features a coffee bar with all the usual fixings, plus house-made (at the Frisco) pastries like croissants, muffins and more. There’s also a deli counter where customers can purchase meats, cheeses and side dishes like potato salad by weight, along with a few sandwiches also made in the Frisco kitchen. 

The retail portion of the business features a massive wall of goods complete with an old-fashioned rolling ladder to reach the highest shelves. Items on offer include everything from local honey, maple syrup, jams, salsas and oils to dressings, tinned fish, coffee beans, tea, flour, sugar, spices, breads and bulk candy sold by the pound. There’s also a refrigerated section with eggs, milk and butter, as well as grab-and-go beverages like Rolling Lawns Farm milk and Beets & Bones cold-pressed juice.

“We want to serve the community and create more community space – to fill the need for an itty, bitty bodega grocer in a neighborhood where a kid can run down and grab some milk for mom or someone can stop in for ingredients for dinner, or get a takeout meal or a coffee,” Kelley Barr said.

To view the extensive menu, click here. Check out the slideshow below for a closer look at Webster Groves’ newest coffee shop and grocer.