frisco barroom photo by adam rothbarth

8 Webster Groves patios to chill on

First, we talked about patios in South City. Then, we went out to Chesterfield. Now, we meet in the middle, where Webster Groves’ small footprint is more than made up for with some truly chill patios. In this part of town, whether you want pizza, beer, coffee, wine, dessert, or just some snacks, there’s a place for you.  

Perennial on Lockwood / Olive + Oak
At this combined, shaded patio right off Lockwood Avenue, you can choose your own experience; at lunchtime, Perennial on Lockwood offers fresh, delicious beer brewed on site alongside remarkably good gastropub food, while, during dinner, Olive + Oak has everything from cocktails and oysters to baked clams and a popular burger. You can’t lose here. 216 W. Lockwood Ave., 314.682.3823, Facebook: Perennial on Lockwood,

Robust Wine Bar
Robust has been in Webster for a long time, and with good reason: Its vast menu of wines, charcuterie, cheese plates and apps makes it a perfect spot to veg out and enjoy some of life’s finer flavors. 227 W. Lockwood Ave., 314.963.0033, 

Cyrano’s Cafe
Cyrano’s is an absolute Webster staple; in fact, some would say that if you haven’t been there, you haven’t really explored Webster Groves’ food scene. The spectacular dessert menu alone is worth the visit. 603 E. Lockwood Ave., 314.963.3232, 

frisco barroom // photo by adam rothbarth

The Frisco Barroom / The Annex
The Frisco’s awesome industrial-rustic patio gives you somewhere to chill out while going through a huge list of drinks, which includes everything from classic cocktails and draft and canned beers to hard sparkling water. Next door is The Annex, which is owned by the same team; there, you can score coffees, snacks, deli items and prepared foods, and enjoy them on a separate back patio, though customers itching for the Frisco’s outdoor experience can sit next door until they start setting up for lunch service. 8110 Big Bend Blvd., 314.455.1090,; 8122 Big Bend Blvd., 314.731.6329, 

the patio at the annex // photo by lauren healey

Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop
If a coffee shop-plant store is your idea of a good time (and why wouldn’t it be?), Maypop has all the brews and botanicals you could want. Take a break from city life by enjoying a drink on their plant-filled patio or wandering the garden out back. 803 Marshall Ave., 314.764.2140,

maypop // photo by adam rothbarth

Llywelyn’s Pub
Beer. Whiskey. Pretzels. Wings. Sandwiches. Burgers. Fish and chips. Whatever speed your group is going for, Llywelyn’s patio is a good place to start (or end). 17 Moody Ave., 314.962.1515,

llywelyn’s pub in webster groves // photo by david kovaluk

Big Sky Cafe 
A bit off the beaten path, Big Sky Cafe is another sleeper hit, especially to Webster Groves and Kirkwood residents, who have kept it running for many years. And with a farm-to-table-style menu that emphases the local and sustainable, you’ll feel good about dining there. 47 S. Old Orchard Ave., 314.962.5757,

The Clover and the Bee / O+O Pizza
This block has been shaken up a bit in the past year – The Clover and the Bee’s fantastic dinner menu was ported next door to O+O Pizza, where, you guessed it, pizza was added into the game. The former retains a cafe menu during the day, so you can theoretically sit at the same table out front all day and get coffee, a sandwich, happy hour cocktails, pasta and pizza without getting up (though if you’re getting coffee and cocktails, you may want to get up). There’s also a new patio space behind the building, so you can enjoy your food away from the street. The Clover and the Bee, 100 W. Lockwood Ave., 314.942.1216,; O+O Pizza, 102 W. Lockwood Ave., 314.942.1216,