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Feb 21, 2018
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New Classics
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New Classics Archives

Trattoria Marcella’s Homemade Meatballs Over Creamy Parmigiano Polenta (Dec 1st 2013)

One 19 North Tapas and Wine Bar’s New Orleans BBQ Shrimp (Nov 1st 2013)

Companion’s Granola Bars (Oct 1st 2013)

Scape's Toasted Nut & Honey Grits (Sep 1st 2013)

Brazie's Cassata Cake (Aug 1st 2013)

Eleven Eleven Mississippi's Shrimp & Corn Bisque (Jul 1st 2013)

Taste's Mussels (Jun 1st 2013)

Lu Lu Seafood and Dim Sum's Singapore Noodles (May 1st 2013)

I Fratellini's Mushroom Ravioli (Apr 1st 2013)

The Block's Missouri Trout (Mar 1st 2013)

Mango Peruvian Cuisine’s Aji De Gallina (Feb 1st 2013)

Trattoria Marcella's Gnocchi de Patata Alla Romagnola (Jan 1st 2013)

Paul Manno's Rack of Lamb (Dec 1st 2012)

Sidney Street Cafe’s Beignets (Nov 1st 2012)

Bistro 1130's Shrimp and Grits (Oct 1st 2012)

The Crow's Nest's Grilled Cheese (Sep 1st 2012)

Eleven Eleven Mississippi's Grilled Chicken Breast with White Bean Ragout and Balsamic-Strawberry-Tarragon Sauce (Aug 1st 2012)

Pint Size Bakery's BLT Muffins (Jul 1st 2012)

Bixby's Shrimp and Lemon-Basil Lasagna (Jun 1st 2012)

Handlebar's Frank Blinchiki (May 1st 2012)

Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium's Salty Kisses Milkshake (Apr 1st 2012)

Five Bistro's Fried Deviled Eggs (Mar 1st 2012)

Plush's Smoked Tomato and Cracked Pepper Waffles (Feb 1st 2012)

Sage Urban American Grill’s Surf-n-Turf Quesadillas (Jan 1st 2012)

Wild Flower's New World Carbonara (Dec 1st 2011)

Mile 277's Iron Horse Steak Chili (Nov 1st 2011)

Grace Manor's Breakfast Risotto (Oct 1st 2011)

Three Kings Public House's Pub Chips (Sep 1st 2011)

Oceano Bistro’s Hamachi-Avocado Ceviche (Aug 1st 2011)

Trattoria Marcella's Cantaloupe Soup (Jul 1st 2011)

Bixby's Mini Crab Cakes (Jun 1st 2011)

Brasserie by Niche's Goat Cheese Tart (May 1st 2011)

Acero's Egg Raviolo (Apr 1st 2011)

Monarch's Crawfish Bread (Mar 1st 2011)

Milagro Modern Mexican’s Mole Poblano (Feb 1st 2011)

Remy's Tuscan Seafood Stew (Jan 3rd 2011)

Duff’s Gingerbread Cobbler (Dec 1st 2010)

Cielo's Caesar Fondue (Nov 1st 2010)

Schlafly Bottleworks’ White Cheddar-APA Soup (Oct 1st 2010)

Eclipse Restaurant's Peach Streusel (Sep 1st 2010)

Modesto's Paella Mixta (Aug 1st 2010)

Cyrano’s Café’s Creamsicle Panna Cotta (Jul 1st 2010)

Ernesto's Roasted Potato Salad (Jun 1st 2010)

Terrene's Tofu Tacos (May 1st 2010)

Vin de Set's Provençal Frog Legs (Apr 1st 2010)

Franco's Zucchini and Yellow Squash “Pasta” (Mar 1st 2010)

Molly’s in Soulard’s Crawfish Lasagna (Feb 1st 2010)

John D. McGurk’s Guinness Stew (Jan 1st 2010)

Bissinger’s A Chocolate Experience’s Milk Chocolate Semifredo (Dec 1st 2009)

The Dubliner's Mushroom Bread Pudding (Nov 1st 2009)

The Shaved Duck's Baked Apple (Oct 1st 2009)

Eleven Eleven Mississippi's Poached Pear and Fig Pizza (Sep 1st 2009)

Big Sky Café's Chocolate Enchilada (Aug 1st 2009)

Herbie’s Vintage ’72’s Cucumber Bisque (Jul 1st 2009)

Franco's Steamed Mussels (Jun 1st 2009)

Cardwell’s at the Plaza’s Bill’s Burger Meister Burger (May 1st 2009)

The Tap Room's poached egg salad (Apr 1st 2009)

Stellina's Tagliatelle with morel mushrooms, asparagus and speck (Mar 1st 2009)

Sidney Street Cafe's Tuscan Sea Bass (Feb 2nd 2009)

Annie Gunn's Fonduta Mac 'n' Cheese (Jan 1st 2009)

Niche's Eggnog Pudding (Dec 2nd 2008)

The Scottish Arms' Cock-A-Leekie Pie (Dec 1st 2008)

The Crossing's Beet Salad (Nov 30th 2008)

Moxy Bistro's Seared Scallops With Citrus-Fennel Slaw (Nov 29th 2008)

Duff's Restaurant's Creole Eggs Benedict (Nov 28th 2008)

The Pitted Olive's Blue Cheese and Honeycomb (Nov 27th 2008)

Iron Barley's PBJ Blaster Pie (Nov 27th 2008)

Erato on Main's Toad in the Hole (Nov 26th 2008)

Trattoria Marcella's Lobster Risotto (Nov 25th 2008)

Harvest's Warmed Brioche Bread Pudding (Nov 24th 2008)

Atlas' Cassoulet (Nov 23rd 2008)

Sage's Roasted Butternut Squash Soup (Nov 22nd 2008)

Sugar rush (Nov 2nd 2008)

Delicious drama (Nov 1st 2008)

As light as air (Oct 1st 2008)

In a pinch? Pasta! (Sep 1st 2008)

Stone fruits go savory (Aug 1st 2008)

Glorious garlic (Jul 1st 2008)

Curry favor with lots of flavor (Jun 1st 2008)

Finicky beurre blanc can be forgiving (May 1st 2008)

Matters of the heart (Apr 1st 2008)

You can make a great steak at home, promise (Mar 1st 2008)

A little basic math is all you need for creamy hand-rolled truffles (Feb 1st 2008)

Flour power can make or break (literally) stuffed paratha (Jan 1st 2008)

In the game of pâte à choux, the classical method wins (Dec 1st 2007)

The business of baking cheesecake can be reduced to temperature, temperature, temperature (Nov 1st 2007)

Quick-process and refrigerator are two pickles you’ll want to be in (Oct 1st 2007)

Pavlova is a dessert so light and tasty, it soars (Sep 1st 2007)

For the crunchiest, lightest tempura, the batter matters (Aug 1st 2007)

This easy technique is a nearly foolproof way to cook fish (Jul 1st 2007)

Rhubarb’s tang boils down to an ideal sauce for savory foods (Jun 1st 2007)

Spring rolls have freshness all wrapped up (May 1st 2007)

Conflicting chicken-roasting advice leaves cooks fit to be trussed – er, tied (Apr 1st 2007)

Braising: A magical transformation from tough to tender (Mar 1st 2007)

How a most versatile mother sauce made my mom’s life easier (Feb 1st 2007)

Luxurious soups start with a velvety velouté base (Jan 1st 2007)

’Tis the season to save cash with some insider (chicken) stock tips (Dec 1st 2006)

Mess up the gravy, and your turkey’s cooked (Oct 20th 2006)

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