10 reasons to try nonalcoholic WellBeing Beer (even if you drink)

WellBeing Brewing Co
. debuted last year with its Heavenly Body NA Golden Wheat, followed quickly by the Hellraiser NA Dark Amber. The nonalcoholic brews caught the imagination of craft imbibers after a sober good time. Here are 10 reasons not to roll your eyes at WellBeing’s buzz-free beer.

1. It actually tastes like beer. Even the light-bodied wheat has more going on than your typical metallic, NA water-lager.

2. Cutting-edge cred – the low-ABV trend is still alive and well, but there’s only one other NA-specific brewery in the US.

3. What hangover?

4. German athletes swear by NA beer over Gatorade for their sports drinking; it was downed liberally at the Winter Olympics. Regardless, with calorie counts around 75, the beers are worth a try for the fitness set.

5. DD duty just got a little less painful.

6. Widely available in bottles and kegs at 30-plus area spots and counting, you don’t have to go out of your way to find WellBeing.

7. If you want an NA option, it may as well be from a St. Louis small business.

8. If you’re pregnant, don’t drink or are even just a lightweight, explaining why you’re not drinking all the time gets old.

9. Guilt- (and nap-) free day drinking

10. The craft brewery is busy developing a range of different styles, starting with a citrus wheat and coffee stout. Soon, it may have an alcohol-free option for all tastes.

Matt Sorrell is staff writer at Sauce Magazine.