Samantha Mitchell will open Cropcircle by Farmtruk at City Foundry STL

Farmtruk chef-owner Samantha Mitchell will offer her culinary wares in a more permanent setting next year.

Mitchell has inked a five-year lease on a 500-square-foot space at the upcoming City Foundry STL development at 3700 Forest Park Ave., in Midtown.

She said she expects to be up and running in about a year and will sit down with contractors in the next few weeks to start laying out the space.

The food stall, Cropcircle by Farmtruk, will offer “down home” cuisine. “We’ll still be doing what Farmtruk does,” Mitchell said. “A little more upscale but still Southern country food.”

In addition to favorites like burger and brisket, Mitchell said she plans to add items like chicken fried steak, hot fried chicken and catfish, beignets and cornbread to the Cropcircle menu.

“The goal has always been to expand once we found the right move for us and our brand,” Mitchell said. “For what we do, we don’t really need a huge brick-and-mortar. I don’t think a whole building is what we need right now.”

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She’s also looking forward to being part of a growing food community like City Foundry and having a dedicated space where diners can always find her food.

“Having a year-round home for our brand is crucial, and I think it’s a good stepping stone to see where it leads us,” Mitchell said.

Fans of the food truck shouldn’t despair at this new development; Mitchell said Farmtruk will still hit the streets on a regular basis, and she’s playing with the idea of adding a second truck to the mix.

“We have debated doing a ‘county’ truck, since at this point Farmtruk is basically in the city,” Mitchell said. “That’s something we are toying around with.”

Matt Sorrell is staff writer at Sauce Magazine. 

Editor's Note: This article originally printed the food stall name as Crop Circles, not Cropcircle. It was updated at 1:50 p.m. Dec. 4 to correct the error.