pancakes at bowood by niche photo by izaiah johnson

5 pancakes to order in St. Louis right now

Pancakes are awesome. Whether you’re full-on committing to dessert for breakfast, generously sharing a stack with the table, or having a little sweet with coffee to cap off your meal, these five short stacks are the ones to get.

Half & Half
These have long been a classic pancake option in St. Louis. Since Half & Half opened in 2011, the Clara Cakes with mascarpone, granola and raspberries have been a reliable standby, but the blueberry and plain pancakes have never let us down either. They have the fluff, the tang and the fancy flourish that makes us love their brunch still.
8135 Maryland Ave., Clayton, 314.725.0719,

Bowood by Niche
These pancakes are unlike every other on this list. They are a lot like cake, more dense, partly due to their high moisture content. The batter has a combination of buttermilk, butter and milk powder, which brings sweetness and depth of flavor to its tender crumb. They are decadent, needless to say, which makes the blueberries that are available as an optional addition more than just a flippant choice; they lend acidity to balance out the richness. A purist, however, may still prefer them plain with a generous swipe of cultured butter.
4605 Olive St., St. Louis, 314.454.6868,

clara cakes at half & half // photo by carmen troesser

These buttermilk pancakes are what you imagined pancakes should taste like when you saw the photo on the mix box as a child. They’re fluffy but not spongy and have the right size, heft and color – everything about it is just right, including the decidedly un-fancy yet delicious maple syrup that’s served with it.
1520 S. Fifth St., Suite 110, St. Charles, 636.277.0202,

Winslow’s Table
Adding a fat stack of three fluffy, light buttermilk pancakes to your order at Winslow’s Table is a must. Thoughtful ingredient selection, like much of the menu here, takes these to the next level, like using flour from local Janie’s Mill. The blueberry compote that comes with it offers a hint of sweetness and a little tartness; if you wanted to forgo the rich and complex Vermont maple syrup (but why?), the compote alone would be a lovely substitute with a pat of butter.
7213 Delmar Blvd., University City, 314.725.7559,

Southwest Diner
The corny, gritty cornmeal pancakes at Southwest Diner are the wild card for this list, and they are delicious. The added texture, crispy edges and color from the cornmeal make them a little different than the traditional buttermilk pancake, but it’s exactly what a Southwestern-inspired menu should have at brunch. Great on their own, they’re also the perfect foil for spicy enchiladas or huevos rancheros.
6803 Southwest Ave., Maplewood, 314.260.7244,