Build the ultimate St. Louis-themed care package this holiday season

If your friends and family can’t visit this winter, send them a piece of home with some of these local items.

5 pounds of Mama Toscano’s breaded ravioli
Most people in this country don’t know about toasted ravioli. It’s your job to teach them. $50.
Mama Toscano’s Ravioli, 2201 Macklind Ave., St. Louis, 314.776.2926,

Katie’s frozen pizza
Forget fruitcakes and candy canes - your homies want pizza. Send them some of the best. $12. Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria,

5-pound block of Provel
Either people know what Provel is and they love it, or they don’t and you’re about to change their lives. Win-win. $29. Viviano & Sons, 5139 Shaw Ave., St. Louis, 314.771.5476,

Choose-your-own salami pack
Pick out five classics from one of the country’s greatest salumerias. $69. Salume Beddu,

Lion’s Choice Famous Seasoning
We don’t recommend mailing roast beef sandwiches, so do the next best thing with a big shaker of the best roast beef seasoning. 18.75 ounces: $9. Lion’s Choice,

Saint Louis gift basket
Fitz’s root beer! Billy Goat chips! Switzer’s! This box contains some of STL’s greatest hits. $35. Walter Knoll Florist,

Make-Your-Own Imo’s Pizza kit
Sure, St. Louis-style pizza joints have started popping up in other cities, but nothing’s as good as the original. With this make-your-own kit, your loved ones will have all they need to create a “square beyond compare.” $64.50. Imo’s Pizza,