st. louis-made spirits photo by jonathan gayman

6 Readers' Choice Award-winning St. Louis-made spirits

With new players in the game and several award-winning spirits under its belt, St. Louis’ distillery scene shows no sign of slowing down. Here are six iconic bottles from your Favorite Local Distilleries.

Switchgrass Spirits Rye Whiskey
Follow Brasserie by Niche’s bartenders’ example and use this bold, complex rye in a Sazerac; their recipe uses simple syrup made from raw sugar as well as Peychaud’s bitters.

Pinckney Bend Distillery Hand Crafted American Gin
This award-winning gin features traditional flavors like juniper and coriander accented by cardamom, lavender and citrus.

Square One Brewery & Distillery JJ Neukomm Malt Whiskey
Made using 100% malted barley, this whiskey uses similar ingredients to a scotch but is aged like a bourbon, making it a nice bridge between the two styles.

Still 630 RallyPoint Straight Rye Whiskey
This smooth rye with notes of vanilla, oak and cinnamon serves as a great building block for any classic whiskey cocktail, from a Manhattan to a whiskey sour.

Stumpy’s Spirits Old Monroe Single Barrel Bourbon
Try this mellow bourbon in a cocktail with sharp flavors that highlight the spirit’s caramel and vanilla notes, like a blackberry mint julep.

1220 Spirits Blue Morpho Gin
Distilled with lavender, violet and citrus zest, this amethyst-hued gin will give your old gin and tonic a new lease on life.