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Tabski STL makes it easier to order your next beer at local restaurants

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Scan. Order. Pay. It’s that simple with Tabski, a digital ordering platform reinventing the hospitality playbook for the modern consumer, one QR code at a time.

“We believe the future is digital. People don’t like waiting to order when they go out to eat, and they don’t like waiting for their server to split the bill,” said CEO Jon Grayem. “Some venues have lengthy lines, and consumers don’t like waiting in lines. Tabski gives consumers the ability to continue their conversation with friends, and instead receive a text when everything is ready, allowing them to skip the line.”

Based out of St. Louis, this platform designed with a consumer-first approach is perfect for bars, breweries, wineries, restaurants, hotels, and even food halls needing multi-merchant ordering capabilities. Tabski offers a seamless, convenient way for customers to view menus, place orders quickly, track order statuses, and make payments straight from their cell phones.

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Guests scan an establishment’s custom-branded QR code and can start an individual tab or group order without having to download an app. They can also share their tab with friends via SMS text, view their order and receive tab updates in real-time, and easily split items and close out without having to flag down their server.

Your credit or debit card number is securely stored on the platform for future use at any location using Tabski. The platform is fully integrated with Clover and Square POS systems, and customers are charged a small convenience fee making it free for the hospitality operator.

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Tabski is beneficial to both customers and businesses as a creative solution for mitigating restaurant staffing challenges. “Labor costs tend to be one of the biggest expenses on the balance sheet for restaurants. In recent years, staffing has been a huge challenge for the industry. With Tabski, places are reallocating their servers to food runners. Not only do we see customer spending and tips increase, we’ve actually observed servers being able to cover more ground and serve more guests,” said Grayem.

Tabski offers a better customer experience while increasing the speed of service. Increased order accuracy coming directly from the customer makes the lives of the server and kitchen staff easier. Staff can spend more time focusing on quality service in other areas and provides establishments with a better bottom line. 

Tabski is currently in 16 states with 200+ merchant downloads and expanding into Canada. You can find Tabski locally at Rockwell Beer Garden, Big Daddy’s Soulard, La Vallesana on Cherokee Street and The Stellar Hog. To learn more about Tabski, visit or contact CEO Jon Grayem at 888.638.2602 or

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