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This week on The Sauce podcast: Food & Wine's Best New Chefs feature, Taco Buddha and essential St. Louis cocktails

This week on The Sauce podcast, managing editor Liz Wolfson and executive editor Meera Nagarajan discuss the annual Food & Wine magazine's Best New Chefs feature, which this year put Steven Pursley of Menya Rui on their list. He joins four other local chefs – Nick Bognar, Michael Gallina, Gerard Kraft and Kevin Willmann – that have also been awarded the same honor in years past. 

They talked about recent dinners from Taco Buddha, where Liz ordered all the dips and more tacos than she needed but had no regrets, and Sunday Best, which is an evolution from the now-closed Juniper from chef and owner John Perkins, which he closed in July.

Finally, they discuss staff writer Iain Shaw’s story on essential St. Louis cocktails from the September Guide to Drinking issue. They talk about the bars and bartenders that have helped to elevate the local cocktail culture and the drinks that have set the bar for cocktail culture in the city and, in at least one case, beyond. They reminisce about drinking Subcontinentals at The Royale, Tim Wiggins' Golden State at Retreat Gastropub, and pitchers of Ted Kilgore's In a Pickle. 

Click here to listen to this week's episode of The Sauce podcast, and be sure to check out the previous episodes as well.

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