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Chiron brings broth-based beverages and fresh juice to doorsteps around St. Louis

When Chiron owner Téo Gibbs, a former Sauce One to Watch, saw an increase in the number of people getting sick over the past few years, they knew they wanted to help. As someone with a history of working in the beverage industry at spots like Louie, Confluence Kombucha and various coffee shops around town, Gibbs used their passion, ability and technique to make nutritious beverages utilizing local, seasonal products. 

Chiron is a new, St. Louis-based project aiming to deliver nutritious products to customers’ doors. Their consistent product this season is a vegetable broth that uses locally grown produce and is meant to be drinkable. “Depending on what’s available, I try to get as much as I can from local farmers,” Gibbs said. “Some of the herbs I’ve grown myself.”  The broth ingredients include celery, carrot, onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, broccoli, greens, parsley and rosemary. This drink is packed with vitamins to aid customers in feeling better in times of sickness or seasonal change, according to Gibbs. “I wanted to give people options for something that is homemade and really healing,” Gibbs said. “It really is just an uplifting drink that makes you feel better; all of this is as fresh as it gets.”

photo courtesy of chiron

New menus are posted each Wednesday on Chiron’s Instagram. Each menu will offer the broth as well as other seasonal offerings, such as fresh-pressed juice, apple cider, cinnamon broth (made with spices to help with coughs) and a “protection potion” with turmeric, ginger, black pepper and obsidian crystal.

Vegetable broth is sold in 32-ounce containers, while juice is available in 4-ounce shots and 12-ounce bottles. Customers can place orders through Instagram direct message or email at Payment is accepted via Venmo, Paypal or with cash. Gibbs hopes to have a website up and running in the next few months that would help streamline the ordering process.

 Gibbs hand-delivers the drinks each weekend. “I make it then deliver it so that people are getting the freshest products possible,” they said. For now, delivery is only offered in the city of St. Louis, with certain exceptions for St. Louis County.

What excites Gibbs the most is how formless this project is. “I have a lot of ideas, but I’m intentionally trying to let it take shape in its own way,” Gibbs said. They do hope to have a pickup spot one day, which would likely be in the form of a partnership with an existing local business, though long-term plans might include eventually owning their own storefront. 

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