todd geisert photo by jonathan gayman

Geisert Farms in Washington is closing after over 100 years in business

The Washington, Missouri, farm Geisert Farms announced it will soon permanently close after being in the agriculture industry for over 100 years. When owner Todd Geisert passed away a few months ago, it became difficult to keep the business going, according to his wife Katie. “With Todd passing back in May, as a family, we’re unable to keep up what he was able to do,” Katie said.

The farm, located at 4851 Old Hwy. 100, will be in business until all product is sold. “Honestly, with what product I have left, we’ll be closed by the middle of December; I don’t have a whole lot of product left,” she said. Predominantly, the remaining products consist of brats and burgers with miscellaneous items mixed in. Customers can find and order the products listed on their website as well as their Facebook page.

According to Katie, the thing that was most important to Todd was the small farmer. “The one thing that Todd really pushed was educating the consumer and promoting sustainable, green agriculture,” Katie said. “Not massive production, but the small farmer. He would want people to continue to search for other small farmers to help them to be sustainable. There’s a lot of them out there.”

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