Pastaria's Orange Salad

Pastaria's Orange Salad
pastaria's orange salad photo by carmen troesser


12 oranges
¼ cup pitted picholine olives*
2 Tbsp. picked fresh tarragon
¼ cup olive oil


Supreme the oranges: Slice off a small section from each end of the fruit. Stand on a flat end and remove the rind and pith with a knife, cutting in long strips. Remove each citrus section by cutting to the right and the left of each membrane.

• Place the orange segments in a bowl.

• Top with the picholine olives and tarragon leaves.

• Finish with a drizzle of olive oil.

* Available at Extra Virgin, An Olive Ovation, 143 Carondelet Plaza, Clayton, 314.727.6464,, $11/pound

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