Review: The Post Sports Bar & Grill in Maplewood

As a nightlife columnist, it’s part of the job to every now and again empty your pint glass, tuck it next to your ear and point it toward the tipsy masses to eavesdrop on which new bars are worth a second look. For the past several months, friends and foes alike have been pointing me to a new sports bar on the little strip of watering holes and restaurants on Manchester Road in downtown Maplewood. This makes me smile; since starting this column I’ve been looking for an excuse to review a bar in Maplewood, arguably my favorite destination for a night out.

The Post Sports Bar & Grill, the newest addition to Maplewood’s entertainment district, sits in the space left vacant by Schottzie’s Pizza. Since opening this summer, The Post has drawn a steady stream of sports fanatics – baseball, football, soccer, hockey, boxing, volleyball, darts, fox hunting, you name it. More than that, The Post has also nicely fit itself into the neighborhood as a casual, laid-back venue with a clean and sharp look.

In a town where sports bars are in abundance (to say the least), it’s refreshing to see one that strays from the pack. Adorned in simple colors (gray, black and the occasional red), The Post gives off a fun and modern feel – tired and unkempt this place is not. As you would expect from a joint geared toward sports junkies, flat-screen televisions (over a dozen of them) line the walls. To top it off, a giant projector screen beams out whatever event is most popular that night. Off the main room, which is an attractive space with a polished wood floor, a back area houses a collection of games: Golden Tee, shuffleboard, foosball, etc.

shuffleboard at the post // photo by ashley gieseking

The décor is nice, but what really stands out about The Post is the beer. Make no mistake: This is a beer place. There are dozens of fantastic domestics and imports both on tap and in bottles. Look at the drink menu and you’ll find a selection of signature shots, which should be avoided at all costs (and not for fun reasons). Feeling obligated to order one, I chose the best-looking of the bunch, a red concoction dubbed The St. Louis Car Bomb, which very well could have been straight cherry Kool-Aid. Sorry, but when I pay for alcohol, I’d like to taste it a little.

Thankfully, The Post more than makes up for the poor shots with its drink specials: 22-ounce domestic drafts for about $3.50 during Cardinals and Blues games are quite welcome (especially when compared to stadium prices), as is a late-night happy hour on select weekdays. And when it comes to bar food, The Post is way above par. Recommendation: baked chicken wings and a made-to-order pizza with your choice of crust (get the garlic).

The word is definitely out on this place. Arrive early on weekend nights for a spot at the bar or a slim chance at a table. It’s not a huge venue, but it’s a popular one (for good reason) and fills up fast. Be warned, though: Smoking is allowed, but it’s hardly noticeable. And by 9 o’clock, the noise level reaches epic proportions, thanks to a very relaxed crowd of 20- to 40-somethings, couples, ex-frat boys, moms and dads, and the occasional overdressed moody girl anxiously clicking away on her cell phone and trying to get her boyfriend’s eyes away from the big screen. Sorry sweetie, but right now it’s guy time.


Check it: Oversized game-day drinks in front of oversized flat screens.         
Hipster or Hoosier: Sports fanatics, baby boomers, college kids, Golden Tee champions, buffalo chicken enthusiasts.
Suds or ’Tinis: Post up for a brew – the choices are endless.
Where: The Post Sports Bar & Grill, 7372 Manchester Road, Maplewood, 314.645.1109
When: Mon. to Sat. – 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m., Sun. – 11 a.m. to midnight