old-fashioned glazed donuts at old town donuts photo by julia calleo

This is the best doughnut at Florissant's Old Town Donuts

Take your horse down to Old Town Donuts – this year’s Readers’ Choice Favorite Doughnut Shop. We concur. From cinnamon rolls to jelly doughnuts to spontaneous doughnuts of the day, the Florissant institution at 805 New Florissant Road never disappoints. 

Our very favorite, however, is the Old-Fashioned Donut. Spiked with the subtle tang of buttermilk and sealed with a crackling sugar glaze, have one in the morning with coffee, after lunch for dessert or at 1 a.m. for a nightcap. Open 24 hours, there’s always time for an Old Town doughnut. Can’t nobody tell you nothing.

Meera Nagarajan is art director at Sauce Magazine.