Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co. now owns Bissinger’s

Not long after it decided to close its location in Central West End earlier this year, Bissinger’s Handcraft Chocolatier announced that Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Co.has bought the company. 

Owner Tim Fogerty said in a press release that he wanted to focus on parent company 23 City Blocks Hospitality Group’s other ventures, like The Caramel Room, Lumen event space and The Chocolate Pig.

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate president and CEO Dan Abel Sr. he will continue to operate Bissinger’s as a separate brand. “[The] timing was perfect to add a legendary company like Bissinger’s to our portfolio,” Abel Sr. said in the statement.

The Abel family has relocated the Bissinger’s kitchen, staff and some of its equipment into a new space near the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate headquarters on The Hill. This move comes after Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate completed a multimillion-dollar development to its industrial space.

“We don’t want to close any channels, we just want to expand the brand,” said Dan Abel Jr., Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate vice president. He said they’ll keep the Bissinger’s storefront in Plaza Frontenac open and won’t change of the company’s recipes.

Abel Jr. said most of Bissinger’s business comes from online sales, and they intend to focus heavily on that going forward. “Most people are actually ordering online now,” he said. “We just implemented a beautiful, state-of-the-art catalogue into the online system.”

Adam Rothbarth is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine.