everything from cocktails to vodka to beer has a rosé hue lately. photo by julia calleo

Summer's hottest drinking trend: rosé everything

Summer’s favorite drink has gotten so big it’s transcended the wine bottle. Everything from cider to spirits can be seen through rosé-colored glasses these days.   

Pink beers are trending, and many explicitly claim the rosé name. Crooked Stave Brewery in Denver makes a sour rosé ale that employs a wild fermentation process along with raspberries and blueberries. Firestone Walker Brewing Co. in California makes Rosalie, brewed with various wine grapes and a touch of hibiscus flower, while local Center Ice Brewery has put out a rosé ale brewed with hibiscus and pink guava. 

There are plenty of rosé ciders on the market, including offerings from Shacksbury Cider, Angry Orchard and Strongbow. St. Louis cidery Brick River Cider Co. utilizes sour cherries and hibiscus tea for a brut brew dubbed Firehouse Rosé.

Cocktailians looking to bring some color to their creations have more options than ever. Brands like Svedka, Three Olives and Effen have taken up the blush banner with rosé-flavored vodkas. Bosford makes a pink gin and strawberry liqueur called Rose, or check out vermouths like Turmeon Rosé from Spain and BroVo Pink Rosé vermouth, made with pinot noir from Washington state. Even Lillet has a rosé aromatized wine in its stable.

If you’d rather not make your own, Pampelonne makes a canned rosé-lime sparkling wine cocktail. And the watermelon frosé at Narwhal’s Crafted is guaranteed to bring your temperature down. Sardella also offers a classic version of 2016’s favorite drink. Bemiston Cocktail Club has been moving large numbers of its Rosé Paloma, which takes the classic tequila and grapefruit long drink and tops it with Shacksbury rosé cider for a tart and sparkling sipper. 

Everyone in the beverage community seems to be thinking, and drinking, pink.  

Matt Sorrell is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine. 

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