Kitchen Conservatory will move to Brentwood next year

After over 25 years in Clayton, Kitchen Conservatory will move to a new location at 9001 Manchester Road in Brentwood in 2021.

Marianne Moore, the culinary and event director, said the location change will allow for more space for experiences that have made the business popular but will add a unique twist, both indoors and outdoors.

“There will be some interesting things to up the ante,” Moore said. “This new space will be great for lots of private events that we host.”

In 2019, Kitchen Conservatory offered over 900 cooking classes, from learning how to bake classic French macarons to pizza-making with children and parents. Along with cooking classes, Kitchen Conservatory also sells kitchen tools and cookbooks.

Moore said the move to Brentwood will provide a bigger space for classes and retail, as well as a more central location for its customers. The new location will feature three kitchens for demonstrations and hands-on cooking experiences.

“I’m excited people want to be in the kitchen,” Moore said. “Demand for cooking classes has gone through the roof.”

Editor's Note: Marianne Moore is a contributor to Sauce Magazine. 

Erin Killion is an editorial intern at Sauce Magazine.