4 fixations getting us through quarantine right now

From frozen cocktails to cool beans, here is what’s getting managing editor Heather Hughes Huff through the coronavirus pandemic.  

Camellia Beans 
I’ve never been more interested in beans. Time is now meaningless, so I’m soaking and simmering several times a week. New Orleans-based Camellia is my current (and first) favorite bean brand. They’re fresh, creamy and delicious, cheap and easier to find than elite heirloom producers like Rancho Gordo. I’m on a white bean kick at the moment – great northern or navy. Prices vary, Camellia Brand

Narwhal’s Crafted
One of the only good things to come out of this pandemic is that you can now get Narwhal’s superb frozen cocktails to go. It has long been a dream of mine to consume a hibiscus gin and tonic slushy or Mayan Junglebird, made with tequila, Campari, overproof rum, lime and cilantro simple syrup, in my backyard on a sunny day. The (weird, dystopian) future is now. Order online and pickup curbside. Prices vary, Narwhal's Crafted

Alive Brightland Olive Oil 
Believe the Instagram hype. With sunny, modern branding and a marketing focus on health and skincare, Brightland looks more like a beauty product than food. But these lively California oils are some of the best I’ve ever tasted – so good it would be a waste to only use them for vinaigrettes or cooking. I’ve been drizzling the Alive olive oil over everything from Greek yogurt with nuts to oatmeal with sliced pears. $37, Brightland 

Contratto Vermouth Rosso
I dream about this vermouth. It’s got it all - the bitter herbal character of something like Punt e Mes applied with elegance and the round, warm sweetness of Carpano Antica but with fruitiness rather than clinging vanilla or cola flavors. Complex and balanced, it’s perfect over ice, with soda or in any cocktail. Since we can’t go out to our favorite bars, it’s time to invest in the good stuff at home. $26, Intoxicology