St. Louis startup Find Your Farmer delivers local produce and more

Conceptualized by a group of Washington University graduates, Find Your Farmer is a St. Louis-based online marketplace offering vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats from local farmers. The team delivers the food themselves, bringing items straight to doorsteps in the greater St. Louis area.  

“Our mission is for people to get closer to their local farmer and support them,” CFO Ben Green said. “With everything that’s going on with corona[virus], a lot of farmers are really struggling now. They need different ways to diversify their revenue, so this is a great way to get directly to the customers. We want people to be more interconnected."

Prior to launching Find Your Farmer, CEO Noah Offenkrantz would order food from local farms and took advantage of the opportunity to meet and connect with the farmers that were sourcing his food. It was this passion that sparked the concept for Find Your Farmer.  

“We graduated [in May 2020] and, the next day, [Offenkrantz] came to a few of us with this idea that he said he’s had for a little bit,” Green said. “I think it took a matter of five minutes for us all to be down.” 

On Tuesday mornings, a new menu is put up on the Find Your Farmer website. These menu items will include what local farms are offering that week. The following Monday night, the site closes and those orders are sent to the farms, where they harvest everything on Tuesday. On Wednesday, orders are sorted and delivered.  

Though some foods are only available on a seasonal basis, Find Your Farmer will be available through the winter months as well.  

“Our plan, as of now, is to keep going through the winter,” Green said. “We are figuring out exactly how that menu is going to look now because we’re trying to prepare. We’re the perfect opportunity for when farmers markets close down.” Green added that all the meats and dairy would still be available, as well as many root vegetables. 

In addition, there are even more items available that are constantly updated on the weekly menu, including honey, rice and popcorn, as well as muffin and pancake mix. “These are really cool things you can throw in your pantry and have for a rainy morning,” he said.