La Cosecha Coffee Roasters will debut coffee truck in 2021

In an expansion to their coffee bar, the owners of La Cosecha Coffee Roasters have purchased a truck to serve a full espresso bar menu at public and private events coming in 2021. Due to the pandemic, the decision to open a coffee truck was a clear next step for co-owners Jamie Jeschke, Gio Sparks and Gregory Lowe. 

“We’ve been thinking of ways we could expand our business because we’re somewhat limited in Maplewood in our small location,” Jeschke said. “Rather than expanding to another location, we realized that if we had something like a coffee truck, we could serve safely out of our truck here in Maplewood or actually go to customers. We will be ready to roll for sure by Jan. 1 – potentially earlier.” 

Patrons can expect the same experience from the coffee truck, and most importantly – the same coffee. “We will be offering practically everything because we will be employing an espresso machine, so we will have all of our espresso drinks,” Jeschke said. “The menu will be a little more simple just for the size of the truck, but basically we should be able to make almost anything that will be at the bar.” 

Along with serving the coffee available at La Cosecha, the coffee truck will be used to give back to the community with the “buy a cup, give a cup” initiative.  

“We call it ‘buy a cup, give a cup,’ and basically, giving the cup back might be in the form of us going somewhere in the truck and handing out free coffee or it might be in the form of donating a 5 pound bag of coffee so they can brew it,” Jeschke said. “We’ll keep tally of every cup that’s sold, and we’ll donate the equivalent value on a monthly basis.” 

In giving back to the community, the owners thought it would be best to focus their efforts locally to St. Louis County. Plans are in the works to serve shelters, health care workers and to host impromptu free events. Their efforts also encompass partnerships with other businesses like Great Harvest Bread Co., Colleen’s Cookies and Sarah’s Cake Shop. 

“We just do coffee, so we know people will want somehing to have with their coffee, so we partner with them to offer their goods as well,” he said. “Because we’re in Maplewood, and because we’re in St. Louis County, we decided we needed to focus on some of the relationships we have there and people who we know that it can make a big impact on,” Jeschke said.