Ices Plain & Fancy partners with Rolling Lawns Farm and now offers pints of ice cream

Ices Plain & Fancy solidified a partnership with Rolling Lawns Farm this year and has created new classic-churned ice cream pints for customers to take home. Ices, which has been open since 2014, is proud to use only this single-source dairy from Rolling Lawns to make their ice cream. 

The shop has been offering its nitro ice cream using Rolling Lawns dairy most of this year, but has recently debuted the classic-churn pints due to the pandemic and more people staying home because it’s designed to last longer in the freezer than nitro, which is typically meant to be consumed the same day it’s flash-churned.

Michael Turley, owner of Rolling Lawns Farm – which has been family-owned and operated since 1910 in Greenville, Illinois – met Ices co-owners and siblings Max and Darla Crask in 2016. “The reason we wanted to work with them was because of their creativity and desire for extraordinary quality,” Turley said. “It’s all about the relationships for us, and we consider Max and Darla very good friends. It makes all of this way more interesting when you’re working with people you enjoy.”

The new classic-churned pints come in the same seven classic flavors offered in nitro: cherry cordial, chocolate, cookies and cream, dulce de leche, mint chip, Sump Coffee and vanilla ice cream. “All flavors are made with top-of-the-line ingredients,” Darla said. “We’re trying to start small and stick with our classic flavors since we are all about nostalgia and making memories.”

The partnership, which has been in the works for a few years, allows both businesses to focus on high-quality products. “Each one of their [Ices Plain & Fancy] customers will know where their primary ingredient, the dairy, is sourced from,” Michael Turley said. "One farm, one family."

Along with new classic-churned pints, Ices continues to offer its nitro ice cream on-site. Crask explained that the reason her shop utilizes liquid nitrogen technologies because it offers a memorable experience. “There’s nothing like the nostalgic taste of ice cream taking you back to a childhood memory of sharing the moment with family,” she said. As with all businesses, the pandemic placed limitations on Ices Plain & Fancy, but they are still able to offer the visual experience of watching the flash-churned nitro ice cream being made through the safety of a window. They have also turned their party room into a production facility for the classic-churned pints.

Curbside pickup and carryout are currently the only options for individuals to enjoy their ice cream. “Since people want to stay home as much as possible, they can take the classic-churned pints and enjoy them for days without having to get more,” she said. “Right now, we think people want comfort and simplicity.”