randall's wine & spirits photo by adam rothbarth

10 reasons to buy all your booze at Randall’s Wines & Spirits

You voted Randall’s Wines & Spirits your Favorite Bottle Shop. We love it too. Here’s why.

1. The variety is great. In one trip, you can find a really nice scotch, score a rare bourbon, restock your favorite mezcal, grab some dope craft beer for the weekend and snag a box or two of White Claw.

2. The prices are good. We all know the feeling of reaching for our favorite spirit or six-pack on the shelf, only to find that the spot we’ve stumbled into is selling it for considerably more than we’re used to. That doesn’t really happen here.

3. If you’re on your way to smash some drinks with the gang, you can also grab a couple bags of chips or candy to bring. That way, you’re covering all the food groups.

photo by adam rothbarth

4. With three locations across St. Louis and one in Illinois, Randall’s is probably convenient for you. There’s one near our office, which brings daily temptation; they’re also about to build a fifth location on the Hill. Pro tip: The Illinois Randall’s has beers that aren’t available in St. Louis, like Half Acre and Three Floyds.

5. The employees are knowledgeable. If you ask for a specific spirit, someone can usually tell you where it is, whether they have it (or why they don’t) and what people like about it.

6. Randall’s is for everyone. They respect the hard seltzer life, but also have top shelf rums and expertly curated French wines. You’ll never feel judged for buying whatever it is you desire, and we say this having recently bought Nonino Amaro and Bud Light Seltzer in the same order.

7. They want to help you become a more educated drinker. Randall’s has always offered classes and tastings on everything from local craft beer to scotch; the new location on the Hill is even going to have a dedicated whiskey room and a seminar space.

photo by adam rothbarth

8. You can make it a one-stop shop if you’re having a party – they have soda and seltzer, disposable cups, glassware and even decorations. If it’s an outdoor party, don’t forget to peruse Randall’s selection of cigars.

9. If you’re one of those rare spirit chasers, pay attention to Randall’s social media or call in and ask about your favorite bottle – you may soon find yourself racing down Jefferson at 9:45 a.m. trying to snag the newest shipment of Blanton’s or WhistlePig. Or, sign up for their VIP program to be among the first to know about limited releases.

10. The employee picks are *chef’s kiss.* Randall’s website and Facebook page have weekly picks and deals from employees, meaning you’re getting an expert’s favorite bottles or cans at a great price.

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