Evy Swoboda of Brasserie by Niche is Ford Hotel Supply's Chef of the Month

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Position: Executive Chef

Married? Almost 5 years to my lovely husband, Matthew a.k.a. Mr. Swoboda to his classroom of 7th graders

Kids? Two under two. Levi (20 months) and Eliza (8 months)

Where are you originally from? Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Raised in St.Louis, Missouri.

photo courtesy of evy swoboda

Where did you go to school? Lafayette High School. Mizzou and STLCC Forest Park with a associate’s degree in hotel and restaurant management.

How did you get to where you are? I sacrificed a lot (all) of my personal time to being a chef as soon as I graduated high school. I surrounded myself with people who wanted to grow, learn and work as hard as I did. I learned how to work with a team, learn from the person next to me and learn from failure.

New things going on in your restaurant: Spring is finally here! Lots of new specials are being added to the menu in addition to our Brasserie classics. We opened Monday Night Suppers at Brass Bar which has a fun new menu every week. We also have our small garden with herbs for garnishes and salsas starting to sprout! Other than that, we’re just keeping up with the crazy busy business that the patio opens up!

photo courtesy of evy swoboda

Favorite menu item:
The Brasserie burger and French onion soup (duh) but I’m loving the fresh vegetables. Anything with asparagus!

Three cool facts about you: My husband likes to cook as much as I do so we spend (literally) every free moment together planning and preparing our next meal for the family or hosting friends. I have a giant 150 lb Great Dane named Dixie. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to 15 different countries in my life!

What is your favorite piece of equipment or kitchen item? Anything with an open flame. I love a wood burning pizza oven or grill.

Brasserie by Niche, 4580 Laclede Ave, St. Louis, brasseriebyniche.com