gezellig photo by dave moore

Gezellig Tap House & Bottleshop in the Grove is closing on March 26

Gezellig Tap House & Bottleshop will close at 4191 Manchester Ave. in the Grove on March 26. 

The shop’s closure ends a seven-year run for the bar and bottle shop, whose 28 taps and multiple refrigerators host an eclectic selection of local, national and international beers.

Owner Brandon Cavanagh said it was an “emotional day,” and that the decision to close Gezellig was prompted by multiple factors. “It's been tough. We tried to figure out a way to make it work for sure, and it just became clear over the last week or two that it just wasn't going to,” he said. 

Cavanagh said his original plan was to keep Gezellig open while launching a second venue, an expanded and “fleshed out” take on the Gezellig concept. Cavanagh said the plan now is to press forward with that new concept, and he has been scouting locations. “We've got a spot that we like a lot,” he said. “But nothing is certain at this point.” 

The one thing Cavangah appears certain of is that while the expanded concept will incorporate the feel and many elements of its forerunner, the Gezellig name will be retired. “The word ‘gezellig’ is a struggle for a lot of people to pronounce and to understand,” he said. “We see this as an opportunity to take the concept of ‘gezellig’ and still apply that and still make a cozy, warm inviting atmosphere for people. But I think we can find a new name that’s easier for people to remember.”

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