Rosie Cheeks Cotton Candy launches new concept to elevate any special event in St. Louis

Heather Roth is excited to introduce her addition to the St. Louis event scene with Rosie Cheeks Cotton Candy, which officially launched on March 6. Live, hand-spun cotton candy is a new craze among event planners, and Rosie Cheeks is St. Louis’ newest all-natural gourmet cotton candy spinner.

For Roth, this idea began with a birthday wish from her daughter. “It started with my daughter for her 6th birthday,” said Roth. “She wanted cotton candy and live spinning, so I went down the rabbit hole trying to find someone local who could spin cotton candy and I realized I wasn’t finding anyone.” She decided to fill that void herself and launched Rosie Cheeks. Roth, a longtime wedding and portrait photographer, used her experiences at events to understand what people want at their gatherings. “It’s always the live experiences that everybody’s drawn to; I love that aspect of it,” she said. “But I’m also around kids all the time. I photograph kids, I know what they like and I know what my girls like.”

In terms of flavors, Rosie Cheeks is way beyond your typical processed blue and pink cotton candy. They feature unique flavors such as caramel, Aztec chocolate, lemonade, lime, chile-mango and peach. Roth also wants to experiment in the future with alcoholic flavors such as margarita and Champagne for events geared toward adults. Additionally, she plans to release seasonal flavors throughout the year such as peppermint and gingerbread for the Christmas season. Regardless of flavor, Rosie Cheeks candy is described as light and airy, much different from the dense carnival cotton candy that often gets stuck to your teeth. It’s important to Roth to provide a healthier product than normal cotton candy. “Another thing that drew me in was all the prepackaged cotton candy options, which are loaded with terrible dyes and a long list of ingredients when the only ingredient should be sugar,” said Roth. “What I love about my candy is it’s clean and pure.” Rosie Cheeks is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free and tree nut-free.

In addition, Rosie Cheeks values sustainability. They use eco-friendly packaging and responsible practices to bring the customer the best possible product without harming the planet. “I’m trying hard to use biodegradable things that can go straight into the soil,” said Roth. “I’m also trying to use wooden sticks as opposed to paper cones. I want to make it as green as possible.”

Rosie Cheeks works for most events; right now they are focused on smaller events such as birthday parties, baby showers, fundraisers, galas, weddings and bachelor parties. Not only does Rosie Cheeks have delicious flavored cotton candy, but they also provide numerous photo props with the cotton candy itself along with the aesthetic spinning carts to elevate your event. “The Dolly” is a smaller, hot pink cart that features a spinning machine. “The Unicorn” is the larger of the two carts and features a fringed umbrella and vintage look with the opportunity to customize the signage on the sides. Both carts are featured in Rosie Cheeks’ various packages as seen on their website (along with photos of each cart).

In the future, Roth wants to collaborate with other small businesses around St. Louis as well as develop some prepackaged products for when she is unavailable to attend events. However, for now, she just wants to focus on mastering the smaller events. To book Rosie Cheeks Cotton Candy at your next event, visit the website or reach out via DM on Instagram.