Eric Tirone moves to executive chef at Truffles Butchery

Butcher and member of the 2018 Ones to Watch class Eric Tirone is certainly meeting expectations. The 28-year-old chef is taking over the executive chef role at Truffles Butchery, where he was previously head butcher and sous chef.

Tirone’s new role includes larger responsibilities like managing inventory, finding purveyors and creating new menu items. He also teaches his team how to craft items on the daily menu, which he first developed.

“It’s totally different from running a kitchen because now it feels like I’m running a small grocery store,” Tirone said. Although his schedule is busier, he is determined to stay hands on. “You can’t keep me out of the kitchen because that’s what I love doing.”

The chef doesn’t have any major changes in mind just yet, but Tirone plans to keep the butchery’s momentum going.

“We haven’t reached our breaking point yet, so I want to keep things interesting,” he said. “Right now, the butchery is on an upswing. People are telling us our food tastes the best it ever has. I’m just excited to keep on moving forward.”

Claire Ma is an editorial intern at Sauce Magazine.