Everest Café & Bar will open a second location at Westport Plaza in February

Everest Café & Bar
has been an institution in The Grove since 2004, and after 14 years, owners Devi and Maya States have finally decided to expand. In February, they’ll open a new location at Westport Plaza.

Maya States said they made the decision to journey west about eight months ago, when they realized that in addition to their loyal South City following, many of their return customers were making the trek from West County.

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“A lot of people who live out west, they say, ‘Why don’t you guys come to the area, a little bit closer to us?’” States said. “There were many requests before, but we didn’t think about it much.”

States said the menu will be the same as the Tower Grove location: a blend of Nepalese, Korean and Indian cuisine. The hours will also be similar, although States said they are toying with the idea of closing on Sunday. The dining room is expected to be bigger, holding around 75 guests.

Adam Rothbarth is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine.