Good Fortune closes in Botanical Heights

Chinese-American eatery Good Fortune has officially turned out the lights. The restaurant, located at 1614 Tower Grove Ave. in Botanical Heights, served its last order of Rangoons on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Good Fortune made its debut last year on Friday, April 13. As Sauce reported in December 2018, the restaurant reconcepted last month, simplifying the menu, changing the hours and expanding carryout options.

Co-owner Corey Smale made the announcement on the first episode of his new podcast, Supergiant Show, on Saturday, Feb. 16. In the episode, Smale cited personal issues resulting from the business as one of the primary reasons for the closure.

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“I compromised my mental health and my sobriety in operating Good Fortune and that really came to light recently, and I had to shut it down that night,” Smale said in the broadcast. “I don’t want to die or get divorced over my restaurant.”

Smales hinted during the podcast that he would be doing something else with the Good Fortune concept outside of the restaurant business. He indicated he plans to do more with the Supergiant brand in some fashion as well, though gave no specifics.

“I wouldn’t be honest with myself if I talked about anything now,” Smale said in an interview. “I’ll definitely be back with something fun but right now I’m laying low and taking care of myself."

Matt Sorrell is a staff writer at Sauce Magazine.

Editor's Note: This article was updated at 12:15 p.m. Jan. 18 with additional comment from Corey Smale.