scratch brewery's brett old ale photo by rebecca blevins

Servers share their favorite St. Louis dishes

Ever wonder what servers order for themselves? Here’s the insider intel on what to eat at St. Louis restaurants right now.

Brett Old Ale. Complex and slightly tart with flavors that balance between orchard and earth – at 9.5 percent alcohol content, it is a true example of what beer can be. - Rebecca Blevins, Scratch Brewing Co.

Our pulled pork sandwich is a Memphis-style, pulled pork shoulder with our slaw and sweet and smoky sauce. It’s a hard combination to beat. - Gloria Lee, Lil’ Mickey’s Memphis Barbeque

grilled fish tacos from overlook farm // photo courtesy overlook farm

Our grilled fish tacos are made from tilapia grown on our farm. They come with house-made salsa and a cilantro-lime coleslaw – a great crisp kick that really sets off the flavor of the tilapia. - Lindsey Martin, Overlook Farm

The southwest chicken wrap with chipotle ranch and roasted garlic mayo is really delicious. I don’t like too much spice, but it has a hint that goes really well with the marinated chicken. - Ashley Randall, Urban Eats

The 20-ounce porterhouse has the New York strip side and the filet side – it’s just the best steak you can get. - Fredric Laden, Tucker’s Place

the schmidtzburg from salt & smoke // photo by jacob brown

The Schmidtzburg is a normal diner-style double cheeseburger, but with the bacon subbed out for deliciously fatty brisket. It’s a dream and a nightmare, but mostly a dream. - Jacob Brown, Salt & Smoke

The pork chop is oak-fire grilled and served with local sweet corn and house-made whipped potatoes, all topped with maitake mushrooms. The flavors blend perfectly. - Jessi Scholes, Firefly Grill

The smoked salmon is served on a bed of delicious, creamy barbecued smoked cabbage. It’s rubbed with our rib rub, then smoked with apple-wood chips, producing a delicate fish with an amazing smoky quality and barbecue flavor. - Rita Hunt, Iron Barley

buttermilk biscuits and gravy, john style, from southwest diner // photo by elizabeth maxson

The buttermilk biscuits and gravy, John style – with chipotle-spiced, Longhorn cheese-scrambled eggs on top. I love our biscuits, our gravy and the sausage that goes in it. They’re all made from scratch. It’s super comforting with just enough spice. - Eric Nemens, Southwest Diner

Malvani chicken brings the heat. The chicken is cooked in gravy made with coconut milk and a mixture of Indian spices. It’s so delicious and reminds me of home. - Sridhar Kumar, Peshwa, The Royal Indian Cuisine

The beef tip melt sandwich is a classic made unique with in-house walnut pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and pepper jack cheese served on toasted bread. The beef tips are tender and everything just melts together perfectly. - Meg Sullivan, Benton Park Cafe