bailey schuchmann is service manager and beverage director at farmhaus. photo by greg rannells

Ones to Watch 2020 // Bailey Schuchmann

Bailey Schuchmann, service manager and beverage director at Farmhaus
Age // 30
Why Watch Her // She's a wine/cocktail/service triple threat. 

Vino Virtuoso

It can take at least two years of study to pass the certified sommelier exam. Schuchmann did it in six months, then joined the all-star somm team at now-shuttered Reeds American Table.

“She brought a lot to the table,” said certified sommelier Alisha Blackwell Calvert (now at Elaia). “She makes sure you get the right wine to make your meal special.” Like the time guests were out to celebrate and ordered a bottle that wasn’t quite what they were looking for.

“She went and grabbed something else that was really cool, and they loved it. She went out of her way to make sure the guests were happy and satisfied. Whenever they came back, they asked for Bailey.”

Cocktail Crusher

At Farmhaus, Schuchmann translates chef-owner Kevin Willmann’s philosophy from the kitchen to the shaker.

“Her impact on the cocktail program was immediate,” Willmann said. “She balances the fundamentals with spontaneity.”

When Forest & Meadow Herbal Shop and Clinic opened near Farmhaus, Willmann brought back a rose hip shrub and lemon bitters. Schuchmann mixed them with cognac and local honey in a cozy hot toddy. “It was dynamic,” Willmann said. “It’s very much what we do. I go to farms and bring things back and say, ‘What are we going to do with this?’ She’s not frustrated by that – she’s excited by new ingredients.”

Hospitatlity Hero

“Hospitality is tricky,” Schuchmann said. “Corporate [restaurants] have a formula, and it becomes very rule-oriented and rigorous; it takes away the soul of hospitality. Hospitality is about reading guests and being empathetic to their needs.”

Celebrating a birthday at Farmhaus? Your dessert is likely to include a can of Busch – unless Schuchmann has noticed you haven’t ordered alcohol or have said you don’t like beer. Then you’re likely to get a piece of cake instead.

Her expertise, creativity and hospitality have us all asking for Bailey. 

Kristin Schultz is a longtime contributor to Sauce Magazine.