pulled chicken sandwich from salt + smoke photo by lauren healey

Eat this chicken sandwich from Salt + Smoke

When the pulled chicken sandwich from a barbecue joint is so good it doesn’t even need barbecue sauce, that’s when you know you’ve hit the jackpot. I always enjoy at least a few bites of this beauty from Salt + Smoke sans sauce before adding just a slight drizzle of my two favorites: My Sweet Bestie and Hotangy.

Tender pieces of cherry wood-smoked chicken are nestled in a sturdy brioche bun from Breadsmith in Rock Hill. The top half of the bun is smeared with spicy-sweet house-made pimento cheese, and a subtly sweet, house-made street corn relish tops the chicken, oozing out the sides. Be prepared to fork up any remnants.  It’s so addicting you could easily eat it in one sitting, but it’s also gargantuan, so I usually set aside half for lunch the next day.

I pair mine with the pit beans with smoked bacon for some extra protein and fiber, but I always manage to snag a couple bites from my husband’s plate of the insanely good white cheddar cracker mac, a rich and creamy shell pasta topped with crushed Ritz crackers – the best mac and cheese I’ve ever tried.

Multiple locations, saltandsmokestl.com

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