turkey ribs from gobble stop smokehouse photo by elizabeth maxson

Why you should try the turkey ribs at Gobble Stop Smokehouse

A family barbecue joint run by Seventh-day Adventists, Gobble Stop Smokehouse in Creve Coeur does things differently than most St. Louis ’cue spots. It’s not open on Saturdays, and there is no pork, which the religion abjures. Yet seven members of the Howard family have reconfigured smoked turkey into a series of clever dishes that will bring you back for more. Case in point, their delicious turkey ribs, a machine-made cut, meaning white meat is attached to the shoulder blade. They’re marinated, seasoned with a special house rub and smoked to a perfect pink inside and a gorgeous golden-red outside and served with a sauce of your choice. 

Editor's note: This dish was originally featured in our review of Gobble Stop Smokehouse.

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