New food truck Crescendo will open in Fenton on Fourth of July

Crescendo, an open-air food truck, is slated to open at 101 Old Sugar Creek Road in Fenton on July 4. 

With a tagline of “street food reimagined,” the truck will feature a rotating selection of dishes utilizing as many local products as possible. Options include a house-made hot dog in a bed of potato hay (julienned and flash-fried potatoes) served with a hazy ketchup made with Four Hands Brewing Co.’s Hazy IPA, a gyro-influenced hot dog with tzatziki sauce, Indian butter chicken tacos and arancini du jour. 

Crescendo’s farm-to-table focus will fuel its ever-changing menu. 

“We just went to Blue Pond Farm in Alhambra, Illinois, and harvested some cilantro, blueberries, blackberries, some squash and peppers and are using those in the grand opening,” said chef-owner Johnty McCoy. “A lot of street food involves prepackaged product that’s being manipulated to serve the populace, so we want to go directly to the farmers and create our menus with whatever they have on hand. That said, there are a lot of great items on the market that are considered processed, so they aren’t off limits if they will help us create a great product.” 

McCoy said the full-service, open-air truck will be similar in style to an oversized hot dog cart with a canopy tent for a roof, but will be equipped with a griddle, fryer, charbroiler and fridge. The pandemic is partially responsible for this setup. 

“The business plan was based around COVID-19,” said McCoy. “We wanted [Crescendo] to be a space where it was OK for the public to … enjoy themselves. People will be wearing masks and gloves and taking all the social distancing precautions.”

Crescendo will operate like a drive-thru, but walk-up orders can also be placed. “It’s basically grab and go,” he said, adding there could be seating options later if there’s a need.

When asked about the name of his food truck, McCoy emphasized the journey to an apex. “I have been in this industry for [over] 15 years, working in food trucks, managing food trucks, even owning one food truck,” he said. “I got sober four years ago, and I really believe this is my last chance – this is my highest point.” 

Crescendo will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. until sold out.