gyudon braised missouri beef knuckle rice bowl from field to fire, formerly kitchen kulture photo by jonathan gayman

Kitchen Kulture rebrands as Field to Fire, offering prepared items at farmers markets and stores

What started as a low-key, beloved farmers market stand offering one of the best breakfast sandwiches in town has transitioned into something much bigger, as reported by Feast. Kitchen Kulture is now Field to Fire, a new brand devoted to market items and prepared foods. Kounter Kulture, the company’s Lindenwood Park brick-and-mortar location, will continue with its regularly scheduled programming.

“We got our start selling at Tower Grove [Farmers’ Market], selling T-shirts and packaged food,” co-owner Mike Miller explained. “After a few years of doing that, we established a pretty good bond with people and got the shop open. We’re going into our fourth year. Everything’s going good, we’ve got a great staff. We’re going to kind of refocus energy back on packaged foods – we haven’t reached the full potential with that yet.” 

Miller and co-owner Chris Meyer thought the time was right for Field to Fire due to gradual changes they had noticed in customers’ eating habits. Even before COVID-19, he felt people were increasingly inclined to dine at home instead of going out.

Field to Fire’s focus will be vegetable-forward dishes and high-quality meats. “Curries, complex rice dishes like biryanis,” Miller said. “We have a lot of meat options. We exclusively source all of our animal protein from local farmers with the highest standards as far as animal husbandry goes.” He went on to add that retail items will include appetizers and soups as well as pantry items like salad dressings, tomato sauce, harissa paste and marinades. Two prepared dishes will be green tea soba noodles and a “play on tabbouleh with walnuts and quinoa.” 

Field to Fire products will be sold out of Kitchen Kulture’s booths at the Saturday and Tuesday Tower Grove Farmers’ Markets and at the Sunday Boulevard Farmers Market in Brentwood. Fair Shares CSA will also offer Field to Fire products, as will four Schnucks locations: Hampton Village, Richmond Center, Schnucks on the Plaza (in Frontenac) and the store’s Kirkwood location. Miller’s goal is to slowly expand from there.

If you’ve read this far, there’s a decent chance you’re a ride-or-die Kitchen Kulture fan, meaning you really have just one pressing concern: the status of the currently-on-hiatus breakfast sandwich. “We have big plans to do the sandwich,” Miller said, laughing. “We’re waiting for things to be normal. There’s a good chance that once things cool out, we’ll be out there crankin’ out the sammy.”

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