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LGBTQ landmark Attitudes Nightclub will close Aug. 15

Since its opening 32 years ago, Attitudes Nightclub in the Grove has long reigned as one of the most beloved nightclubs in the city. According to a Facebook post on Wednesday, Aug. 5, its tenure will come to a close on Aug. 15. 

“Attitudes opened in August 1988 and Bonnie and I had some of the best times of our lives at our club! We lived it, we loved it, and it was our baby,” wrote owner Jann Brigulio in the note, which was signed Bonnie and Jann. “But now, we are living in a time where we don’t know what the future looks like,” it continued. “So many businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, have been hit hard by this pandemic. It has been rough, but we can’t thank our current staff enough for how hard they have worked during this time.”

“We are not closing because of COVID or any COVID-related problem," Brigulio told Sauce. “We are retiring. Everybody does it!” She added that the building had been for sale for four years and the company that bought it had been looking at the space for the past year. “It just happened that we’re in a pandemic at the same time the building sold,” she said.

“I’ll miss the people, the day-to-day interactions with the people, because you never knew what that night was going to bring and who was going to come out,” Brigulio reminisced. As they look toward the nightclub’s final week, they’re thinking carefully about how to ride out safely.

“I want to have a wonderful closing event,” she said. While nothing concrete has been planned, Brigulio assures that the night will be worthy of Attitudes’ legacy. “It’s just going to be a huge night that night. Lots of drink specials, giveaways, lots of memories being shared,” she said. 

Everything in Attitudes is for sale, and interested parties are encouraged to contact the Brigulio at

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