chef nico shumpert photo by greg rannells

Chef Nico Shumpert has launched event space The Spot on Grand in St. Louis' Grand Center Arts District

Earlier this month, former Sauce One to Watch Nico Shumpert started the next step of his cooking journey as owner of The Spot on Grand (519 N. Grand Blvd.), an event space where he aims to offer ticketed meals, parties and more. On May 7, he opened with a Great Gatsby-themed dinner, and Saturday, May 29, will see the space’s first ticketed brunch.

Shumpert has gained a following across St. Louis for enterprises like the Taste Buds Dining Club and his cooking show, Chopping It Up. “I’ve been doing pop-ups for five, six years all around St. Louis, wherever I could. Different concepts, different dinner parties, just having fun,” he explained. “I thought it would be much easier if I could just do it at one place.” Shumpert said The Spot’s kitchen is part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern Missouri at 501 N. Grand Blvd. “It’s a short lease, only a few months,” he added. “It’s an opportunity to plant myself and see if it works.”

Shumpert said that the pandemic has caused him to think twice about opening his own full restaurant; instead, he found himself attracted to a lower-overhead concept where he had the freedom to explore the types of cooking and events he likes to do. “I would definitely look into getting my own spot. It would be the spot, where I land,” he said. “I’m not in a big hurry to jump into a restaurant right now. I definitely want to build my reputation as a chef and highlight a bunch of dope chefs that haven’t been able to get the spotlight. I want to bring attention to what we’re doing.” Other chefs Shumpert has worked with recently on pop-ups include Ceaira Jackson, Juwan Rice and Frank McGinty. 

Shumpert said tickets for his next brunch will go on sale later this week, so keep an eye on social media or at The event space is also available for booking, and The Spot’s website encourages those interested to reach out about dates. 


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