a selection of dishes from beets & bones photo by lauren healey

First Look: Beets & Bones in Clayton

A new restaurant just joined St. Louis’ growing (yet still limited) roster of nutrition-focused eateries. Beets & Bones opened in the former home of Northwest Coffee on Thursday, Nov. 4, at 8401 Maryland Ave. in Clayton. The menu features an array of cold-pressed juices, smoothies, bone broth, loaded toasts, salads, pastries, coffee and more.

The concept began in 2019 as a ghost kitchen out of Upshot Coffee in Cottleville, according to owner Nicholas Zotos, who has worked as a chef in restaurants locally and across the country. After ghost kitchen success, Beets & Bones proceeded to launch at local markets, including Tower Grove Farmers’ Market, and in wholesale capacity at area businesses like fitness centers.

Although nutrition-focused food and drink options can be somewhat difficult to find in the Midwest, Zotos said he believes it will become more commonplace in the coming years. “It’s the way the industry is going,” he said. “The Midwest hasn’t really been in tune with eating healthy, but I couldn’t believe the amount of people that became loyal customers when we were doing the farmers market. I really feel the difference on the days I don’t drink my own juice. It’s a lifestyle and, if you buy into it, you’ll get vast results.”

There are about a dozen fresh-pressed juices and a few smoothies available that are chock full of fruits, vegetables and adaptogens (ingredients said to promote health and wellbeing) such as spirulina, activated charcoal, pearl powder, ashwagandha, reishi mushroom and holy basil. “There’s about 4 to 5 pounds of fruits and veggies per 12-ounce bottle, and we press everything twice,” Zotos explained. “Now, we’re taking some of the pulp and making juice pulp crackers, which we feature with products from Mylk and Hummus, a vendor we met at Tower Grove [Farmers’ Market]. We want to help small businesses that don’t have storefronts and feature their products.”

Bone broth on tap should be on offer by next week and includes flavors like chicken and spicy beef. “Bone broth is great for you; it’s full of collagen, and we add adaptogens to some of the broth bowls,” Zotos said. There’s even a vegan option that utilizes over two dozen different vegetables. “It has this really cool purple tint,” he added. Frozen bags of bone broth are currently available. There’s also a handful of salads, a few varieties of overnight oats, and a selection of pastries and baked goods made by the Edgewood Baker.

The interior is modern with roughly 1,350 square feet and about 28 seats. Hours are still in flux but will likely be 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Zotos plans to add carryout and delivery service at a later time.

Check out the slideshow below for a peak at Clayton’s newest restaurant.