giovanni galati, owner of dominic's on the hill and dominic's trattoria photo courtesy of dominic's on the hill

Giovanni Galati of Dominic's on the Hill and Dominic's Trattoria is Ford Hotel Supply's Chef of the Month

Chef of the Month is sponsored by Ford Hotel Supply.

photo courtesy of dominic's on the hill


Married? to Jackie Galati

Kids? Gina and Maria Galati

Where are you originally from? Giardinello, Sicily

photo courtesy of dominic's on the hill

Where did you go to school? Giardinello Scuola Cuinta Elementare provincia

How did you get to where you are? I came to America when I was 21 and worked as a dishwasher at Stix Baer and Fuller, then worked at Ponticello's as a cook. Later I got a job at Tony's as a busboy and eventually moved up to waiter. I had a dream of opening my own restaurant. After marrying my wife Jackie, we bought a home after living with her parents for a year. I found Dominic's on the hill and we had to sell our home to buy the restaurant. We moved into an apartment above the restaurant and the rest is history.

photo courtesy of dominic's on the hill

New things going on in your restaurant: We are building a new patio at our restaurant on the Hill. It should be open in the next few weeks.

Favorite menu item: Linguini with clams

photo courtesy of dominic's on the hill

Three cool facts about you: Cooking is my trade, I love golf and tennis and I enjoy carpentry.

What is your favorite piece of equipment or kitchen item? All of it!

Dominic's on the Hill, 5101 Wilson Ave., St. Louis,

Dominic's Trattoria, 200 S. Brentwood Blvd., St. Louis,