Little Lager will open on Oct. 31 in the Princeton Heights neighborhood of St. Louis

Earlier this year, Sauce chatted with local beer industry vet Manny Negron about his upcoming lager-centric beer bar Little Lager, which is slated to host a grand opening celebration from 3 to 11 p.m. on Halloween on Tuesday, Oct. 31, at 5848 Hampton Ave. in Princeton Heights. Check out our Q-and-A with Negron for a look at what's to come when it opens later this month.

How many taps will you start with?
“The draft list is a little downsized for opening; it’ll upgrade after opening. For opening we’ll have five drafts, all side-pull, and then a small selection of cans and bottles, some wine and mostly aperitifs and digestifs.”

How many seats are you looking to have?
“We’ll seat 20: 14 at the bar and three wall-mounted two-tops.”

We heard you’ve also been collaborating with a couple of local breweries on some custom lagers.
“Our Modern Brewery collab beer is already out (Kolsch Counts). It came out at the end of June/beginning of July. At Perennial [Artisan Ales] in South City, we just brewed a collab about 10 days ago. That’ll sit in tanks for eight to 10 weeks depending on how the lagering period goes. I’m actually at Perennial on Lockwood right now brewing another collab that will probably be released around the same time as the other one.”

What styles will these two new brews be?
“The Perennial South City one is German leichtbier, like a German interpretation of an American lager. It’s all German hops and malts but brewed with Missouri rice and straight St. Louis water. The Lockwood one is a Czech polotmavy, a Czech amber lager.”

Do you have names for these brews yet?
“The South City one is called Gold Tooth, and the one we’re brewing at Lockwood is Heart Shaped Glasses.”