eckert's cozy cider cabin photo courtesy of joy michelle photography

Eckert's Farm has launched its Cozy Cider Cabin pop-up in Belleville

St. Louis has no shortage of great holiday pop-ups, but come the new year, suddenly nothing is going on. Frankly, it's a bit of bummer, even if our livers appreciate the break.

Finally, someone has stepped up to right this great wrong. Eckert's Farms is bringing back its Cozy Cider Cabin pop-up bar, running now through Sunday, Feb. 25. It's pretty much perfect timing: Just when you've recovered from your New Year's Eve shindig, it launches.

The pop-up takes place in Eckert's Cider Shed at 951 S. Green Mountain Road in Belleville, Illinois, which the farm will transform into something akin to "a cozy cabin nestled in the woods." That means there will be rustic chic decor such as a variety of woodland critters adorning the walls, fur rugs in front of fireplaces, blankets aplenty and string lights, because it's not a pop-up without string lights. Eckert's invites guests to come dressed in their coziest flannel PJs and settle in.

The Cozy Cider Cabin pop-up will offer hard cider, naturally, but also a host of specialty drinks, such as a Campfire Martini, the Chill Pill and more, as well as snacks such as chili and a bison burger. Part of the profits will go toward Heat Up St. Louis, a nonprofit that helps at-risk households pay for heating. To that end, there's a $5 reservation fee, which will also hold your spot. For more information, visit

This article was originally published by the Riverfront Times.