thali platter at black salt photo by carmen troesser

Chesterfield Indian restaurant Black Salt will open locations in Creve Coeur and South City later this year

After the great success of Black Salt at 1709 Clarkson Road in Chesterfield since its doors opened last year, including being named a Best New Restaurant of 2023, co-owners Raj Pandey and Sanjiv Shekhar are broadening their horizons by opening two new locations.

The duo plans to open another location at 11429 Olive Blvd. in Creve Coeur around April or May. Located in the shopping center at the intersection of Craig Road and Olive Boulevard, the new location will focus its menu on serving “pan-Asian” cuisine by combining Indian fare with Japanese, Thai and Chinese influences. 

“We got invited there. I mean, the owner of these locations, the strip malls, they loved how we presented Black Salt in the Chesterfield location. They are the same owners [in Chesterfield] and they couldn't wait for something to be open in the other location so that they could bring us in. So they actually initiated that whole conversation,” Pandey said. 

And just like its predecessor, Black Salt’s new pan-Asian menu will be reflected in the restaurant’s drink menu, as well as the decor, which will be kept consistent across Black Salt locations with earthy tones and a modern, upscale feel.

“We made it a point that we don't [want to] Americanize the food because we wanted to believe in our taste. So we wanted to put forth that taste in a presentable and modern setting. So that is what prompted us to take this to the next level as well,” Pandey said. “And again, the idea behind the decor is to make sure it's more modern, yet Indian and authentic. And the one that we're planning for Creve Coeur, that might have a touch of Asian influence.”

The owners also intend to open what they call a "cloud kitchen" location called Black Salt X within The Hill Food Co ghost kitchen collective at 2360 Hampton Ave. in South City that will only offer takeout and delivery options by mid- to late February. “The idea behind that one was to make sure that we are also catering to the population toward more of the St. Louis city area, Clayton area, and all of that,” Pandey said. 

The cloud kitchen menu will be a combination of what is offered in Chesterfield and Creve Coeur, although the menus for both new locations are still being fine-tuned and finalized; however, both are likely to have some menu items ported over from Chesterfield. Pandey and Shekhar also have plans to add a patio extension to the Chesterfield location by June.

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