the chicken fried daiquiri from pie guy in the grove photo by christina musgrave

3 fat-washed cocktails from St. Louis bars to try right now

Fat-washed cocktails are making cameos on drink menus across St. Louis this season. This clever technique’s popularity first trickled down from New York City in the late 2000s, when bartenders took inspiration from the enfleurage method developed by 18th century perfume makers to extract fragrance. That first wave of fat-washed cocktails soon saw trendy spots become overrun with greasy, bacon fat-washed bourbon concoctions, but fast forward to 2024 and local bartenders are taking the method and running with it in creative new ways.

Fat-washing can add savory flavor and smooth, rich texture to spirits without adding thickness or heaviness. Some fats, like coconut oil, can also add sweeter, tropical notes. A liquid fat like oil or butter is added to alcohol at room temperature and left to steep for a few hours. Next, the mixture is chilled. When the fat solidifies, it can be skimmed off, leaving only the flavor-infused spirit and its newly silky mouthfeel.


the fallen angels cocktail from none of the above at city foundry stl // photo by christina musgrave


Proving that not all fat-washed cocktails go for a savory vibe, the Chicken Fried Daiquiri from the new bar at Pie Guy in the Grove adds an extra dimension to a tiki classic. Plantation pineapple rum is fat-washed with seasoned and rendered chicken skins, then mixed with fresh lime and pineapple gomme syrup. The sweet acidity is balanced with salty umami and luxe texture.

The Fallen Angels from None of the Above at City Foundry STL is reminiscent of a spicy margarita with chile crisp fat-washed tequila, Cynar, cassis, lime and ginger beer. As you sip this sweet-and-sour blend with just a touch of fizz, the velvety consistency coats your mouth with tingly heat from the chile crisp’s Sichuan peppers.

Pleasant surprises abound on the unexpectedly thoughtful cocktail menu at Rockwell Beer Co. The Great Bambino is a delightful take on a negroni, with peanut butter fat-washed dry gin, acid-adjusted Concord grape cordial, rouge vermouth, vanilla-infused Campari and Amaro Nonino. A nutty aroma greets you at every sip, then fades into the background as classic sweet-bitter flavors from the amari take center stage. The back end is all peanut butter, with intensely rich flavor and a buttery finish that will have you licking your lips.

Pie Guy, 4189 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, 314.899.0444,

None of the Above, 3730 Foundry Way, St. Louis, 314.656.6682,

Rockwell Beer Co., 1320 S. Vandeventer Ave., St. Louis, 314.256.1657,

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