the dining room at cunetto house of pasta photo by izaiah johnson

6 Italian-American landmarks celebrating more than 40 years in business in St. Louis

One of our favorite Sauce Magazine columns is our Landmark series in which we feature a long-standing food business in St. Louis. Click on the name of each business below to read the full article.

A familiar name in St. Louis bread baking and sandwiches recently returned to the Hill after a nearly four-year hiatus, restoring a legacy that began during the first World War. Amighetti’s opened its new Hill location in the former Hanneke Hardware & Industrial Supply Co. at 5390 Southwest Ave., less than a mile from the bakery’s former location at 5141 Wilson Ave.

Cunetto House of Pasta
With its mountains of red sauce pasta, endless small glasses of table wine, big tables of families and bustling service, Cunetto House of Pasta at 5453 Magnolia Ave., is like an avatar of the Hill itself. It’s been in the same space ever since brothers Vince and Joe Cunetto opened the Italian restaurant in 1974. 


cannoli from vitale’s bakery on the hill // photo by david kovaluk

Vitale’s Bakery on the Hill
Many businesses that have stood the test of time are also family businesses; that’s just how it works. But Vitale’s Bakery on the Hill, now in its fourth generation, takes it to the next level. Take a deep breath and try to keep up.

After almost 70 years under the stewardship of various members of the Aiazzi family, Rigazzi's is now under new ownership, but still thriving on the Hill. Corey Christanell and Donn Ganim purchased the restaurant from Joan Aiazzi in 2023, but seem intent on retaining everything that customers love about the place, including its signature frozen fishbowls.

Failoni’s Restaurant and Bar
Failoni’s Restaurant and Bar in Dogtown has been a family affair since Alex and Rose Failoni opened it in 1916. Operating out of the same building for the entirety of its tenure, the restaurant was once an isolated haven for quality Italian food.

The Pasta House
The Pasta House Co. has long reigned as one of St. Louis’ most ubiquitous brands. Since its founding in 1974 by John P. Ferrara, Joseph A. Fresta and J. Kim Tucci, spaces have come and gone, but 18 locations stand strong today.