madai ceviche at indo, the best new restaurant of 2019 photo by greg rannells

St. Louis' Best New Restaurants of 2019

Indo, the Best New Restaurant of 2019, sources some of the highest quality seafood available in St. Louis, product that can be served barely touched, but it also creates value by taking low-cost ingredients and turning them into magic.

From its shadowy, obsidian space and open, windowed kitchen to its spirited neon signs and superbly curated plates and glasses, everything at Elmwood feels extremely deliberate.

The dishes coming out of the Bulrush kitchen aren’t static museum pieces – they are vibrant reimaginings of flavors made with bizarrely historically accurate ingredients.

Every aspect of the menu at Bait is an honest expression of who executive chef Ceaira Jackson is: bold, fun and skilled.

It might be surprising to see Rockwell Beer Co. on this list. Not because of the beer or the food, obviously, but because Rockwell is an institution.

When Bernie Lee is cooking what he loves, you’ll love it too. We learned that by eating the Malaysian dishes at his now-shuttered Hiro Asian Kitchen – and we’re reminded again at Akar.

Alta Calle leaves no stone unturned when looking for smart ways to update traditional Mexican dishes.

Morning Glory isn’t anything fancy – chef-owner Ari Jo Ellis doesn’t try to “elevate” diner fare or put her chef-y spin on anything. She just makes damn good food.

Executive chef Evy Swoboda’s flawless fare attracts local diners and out-of-towners alike to the midcentury modern dream of The Last Kitchen.

With food from esteemed chef Ben Welch,The Midwestern is an elegant oasis in the middle of an often chaotic grid of downtown St. Louis.

Sultan Mediterranean Restaurant in The Grove, flawlessly executes classics like hummus, falafel and kebabs, as well as less common offerings like mantu and qali.