challah french toast photo by carmen troesser

6 French toast recipes to make on a snow day

1. Challah French Toast
The only thing better than fresh challah is French toast made from the second-day bread. Top with lemon curd for a sweet, eggy treat.

2. Croissant French Toast Casserole
This spectacular but simple dish was inspired by a brunch at a charming bed-and-breakfast in Fulton, Missouri.

vegan banana-almond french toast // photo by carmen troesser

3. Vegan Banana-Almond French Toast
Bananas, almond milk and coconut give this dairy-free French toast tons of decadent flavor.

4. Pumpkin French Toast
This super easy recipe courtesy of City Greens Market's Meg Walsh will help you use up any lingering cans of pumpkin from the depths of your pantry.

french toast blt // photo by greg rannells

5. French Toast BLT
Bacon makes everything better, right? Give your standard French toast the BLT treatment.

6. Grand Marnier French Toast With Orange-Cardamom Butter
Get fancy with this recipe courtesy of local brunch king, Mike Randolph of Half & Half

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