pretzel monkey bread at perennial on lockwood photo by julia calleo

Eat this pretzel monkey bread at Perennial on Lockwood

If you’re not already thirsty when you arrive at Perennial on Lockwood, the salt-crusted, perfectly browned and chewy pretzel monkey bread is a great way to prime your palate for sampling some of the brewery’s delicious house beers. A cluster of soft and fluffy pretzel balls is served in an adorably miniature cast-iron skillet with silky beer-cheese sauce and grainy, slightly fruity mustard for dipping. For the ideal bite, we recommend a one-two dunk into both condiments; the warm, creamy cheese pairs beautifully with the mustard’s sharp spiciness.

Perennial on Lockwood, 216 W. Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves, 314.682.3832,