beast craft bbq chef-owner david sandusky photo by jennifer silverberg courtesy of beast craft bbq

5 grilling tools Beast Craft BBQ David Sandusky can't live without

David Sandusky made his mark on the local barbecue scene with his Belleville restaurant, Beast Craft BBQ, and he’ll soon be expanding across the river to The Grove neighborhood with Beast Butcher & Block, a combination restaurant, butcher shop and event space.

While he’s a player in the pro ranks, Sandusky still feels an affinity for the humble backyard griller. Here the five must-have items he recommends for weekend warriors to make their home grilling a world-class endeavor:

1. Weber Kettle. “If you’re too cool for a Weber kettle, you think too highly of yourself,” Sandusky said. The venerable grill is versatile for either grilling or smoking, he said, adding that there are many accessories available and it’s inexpensive to boot.

2. One-gallon zip-close bags. Sandusky said these kitchen staples are the most effective way to ensure total marinating of your meat.

3. Beer. Sandusky said having a brew or two on hand is imperative for thinning out your favorite basting sauce, soaking wood chips or assisting a thirsty grill master.

4. Cooking oil. Don’t ever discount the importance of greasing the grates on your grill. Oil also comes in handy for prepping meat to maximize texture, Sandusky said. A basic olive oil blend is his go-to.

5. Disposable nitrile gloves. A must-have if you don’t want to continually wash your hands while grilling. Sandusky recommended putting on several at once and then peeling them off once they’re contaminated to save time.

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Matt Sorrell is staff writer at Sauce Magazine.